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[27.09] Patch 8.07

Postprzez Kage Przemo » Śr wrz 27, 2017 5:15 pm

Hello, todays patch is mostly added to fix current bugs, and so We have managed to fix spawntime of AntyBot system mobs.
There should no longer be that many Antybots in one place. What is more we have fixed bugs where there were wrong antybot mobs on the spots.

During checking map for bugs with Antybot spawn we have also managed to fix most of the wrong working spawns, and they should be working fine (many spawns had been blocked, for more than one edition and now it is all fixed)

Also we are aware of the Skylights, and we have also fixed their spawn rate and same as with the Antybots there should not be soo many skylight on the spots right now.

Fume Clan Hideout on FACC in Tea Country also has been fixed and should no longer cause debugs, please raport on forum if you still receive debugs.

Also minor fix to Criminal Mobs has been added to the game and now should all have a proper badge near their names.

Also bug with Hinata Teacher that made unable for players to learn hakke sanjuoni shou has been fixed

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