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[07.10] Patch 8.09

PostNapisane: So paź 07, 2017 6:15 pm
przez Kage Przemo
Hello ! Today we want to present a small Patch to the game, we have added new Character Hatake Kakashi to the game and you can create him if you have 350 Level or higher on one of your characters.

Also we have fixed bugs with Sasori Saga where there could be more than 1 hour of waiting time to respawn

We have fixed bug with Katon Ryuuka No Jutsu
... and also we have managed to fix bug with Kakashi Saga where there resping was Kakashi NPC instead of mob.

Please also visit our Events section to find out more about upcoming Event for this Weekend!

In a few days we will present bigger Patch, but due to the weather we are fighting with common cold
Stay Warm!